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Free ServiceNow Emergency Response Management Apps

ServiceNow recently released four new Emergency Response Management Apps, designed to support users through the COVID-19 pandemic, and any other emergency situation. Each app targets a different aspect of the effort to accelerate your crisis response and are available at no charge to ServiceNow customers and others through September 30, 2020.

Let’s take a look at each app and how they can help organizations stay connected, up-to-date, and effective.

Emergency Outreach

Users: All Employees
Purpose: Stay connected with employees, provide vital information, and ask for status

This application allows employers to provide health and safety measures in the event of an emergency. Notifications can include email messages and/or push notifications via the Now Mobile App. Targeted users to receive the notification can be specific users, a company location, group, or business unit.

Employees can quickly self-report their health, status, and location back to the emergency response team, also via email or the Now Mobile App.

The Emergency Outreach dashboard allows emergency management teams to keep track of who has been notified, who has acknowledged the notification, and confirm employee status and location.

Emergency Self-Report

Users: All Employees
Purpose: Voluntarily report your Health Status to your employer

This application allows individual contributors to voluntarily report their health status to their employers. Users can select if they are under quarantine, experiencing symptoms, or ready to return to work.

Managers can report their own health status, see a visual representation of their employees’ health status, and report health status for their direct reports who may not be able to access the Emergency Self-Report portal. Managers can see and easily re-assign tasks for direct reports who cannot carry out their tasks due to illness or absence.

Emergency Exposure Management

Users: Emergency Response Personnel
Purpose: To identify employees who may have been exposed to an infectious disease

This application can automatically generate a list of at-risk employees based on contact with an affected person. It uses ServiceNow employee data, as well as Microsoft Office365 calendar data to define at-risk personnel. Emergency Response Teams can also manually add employees they have reason to believe may have been exposed.

The application can also provide an Excel spreadsheet report of all potentially exposed employees for easy exchange with others who may need the data.

Emergency Response Operations

Users: Emergency Response Personnel
Purpose: Help organizations plan, coordinate, and notify emergency resources in critical locations

This application was originally created by the Washington State Department of Health, and was enhanced by ServiceNow engineering. It is designed to use ServiceNow workflow to optimize resources to deal with critical situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, or deployments of military or first-responder personnel. It allows response coordinators to simplify role assignment and resource activation during incident planning.

The system supports pre-defined IMT roles such as Incident Commander, Logistics Chief, Operations Chief, etc. Roles are automatically defined for each location dealing with the Incident, and resource planners at each location can then assign qualified personnel to each role. Assignments are automatically emailed to each individual assigned.

Questions? We Are Here to Help

Ness is committed to helping organizations navigate the unprecedented challenges this global health crisis presents. Our experts are available to assist with any questions you have regarding these emergency response apps, and any additional support.