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How Virtual Contact Centers Can Benefit You

Virtual contact centers are enabling IT Help Desks, HR departments, and Customer Support teams around the globe work more efficiently. In this video blog, Sean Caron, Principal Solution Architect, talks with our partner, Guillaume Seynhaeve, VP of Business Development at 3CLogic about the advantages of virtual contact centers and how you can extend the value of your ServiceNow investment with 3Cogic’s cloud contact center designed to complement existing digital workflows.

Self-service, chat and chatbots can go only so far. Virtual contact centers can take this to a new level. By transitioning seamlessly from these self-service solutions to a live agent, and then giving that agent all the necessary information, will not only make agents more efficient but keep your customers and employees happy as well.

View our joint vlog as we discuss how 3CLogic fully integrates with ServiceNow, most importantly focusing on the Agent Workspace and Advanced Work Assignment capabilities to make agents even more productive.