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Nessian on Job: Lakshmi Saraschandran, Assistant Manager Sales Support

My Experience at Ness

I have been with Ness for more than a year now, and it has been a delightful journey so far. I am part of the sales enablement team, which allows me to work closely with the sales team and also the leadership team. The sales enablement team is doing a great job of helping the sales team with quintessential information for their meetings with clients and prospects.

I believe that the work culture in Ness is truly impressive, giving immense importance to the work-life balance and the security of employees. Ness’s commitment to its employees is really shining through in this very difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is remarkable how the company took all of the essential measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees even before the nationwide lockdown was announced. Ness urged the employees to stay at home and made working from home mandatory for everyone, when most of the other local companies were only thinking about it.

The learning curve in the team is remarkable, with numerous opportunities to grow and prosper on a professional and personal level. It has been a gratifying experience and I am looking forward to many more fruitful years with Ness.

Specific Responsibilities

My focus is mainly on building content for important sales content and the storyboarding process that pertains to it.

My specific responsibilities include interacting with the stakeholders (mainly the sales experts and the solution architects) to understand their requirements, and creating content based on the same. As a team, we create content for various materials – including capabilities presentations, case studies, and videos, to battle cards and brochures, among others. Hence, it requires a lot of interaction with the subject matter experts (SMEs) and the sales teams when it comes to creating content from scratch or finetuning the already existing content. This role has allowed me to work in close coordination with the luminaries of our organization, which has helped me understand what we do for our prestigious clients, the multiple projects we manage, our levels of expertise in various domains, and more.

My Favorite part of working with Ness

There are many things that I enjoy about working at Ness, but my favorite part is my team. The work environment here is amazing, and the growth path that my team has paved for every member is remarkable. Also, the work culture in Ness is impressive. Ness’s Employee-first culture has created an environment where employee expectations are driving the practices and policies of the organization. I believe that the right mix of flexibility, growth opportunities, and work-life balance is what differentiates Ness from other organizations.

Fun facts or hobbies other than work

Outside work, I enjoy reading (mostly fictions), a little bit of cooking (not an expert, but I love experimenting), traveling, and binge-watching my favorite TV shows (F.R.I.E.N.D.S is still at the top of the list). I love music and enjoy dancing when I am sure (or after I make sure) no one is around.