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Whirlpool Corporation: Taking control of the Complete Project Lifecycle with ServiceNow

The Objective

Visibility, adapting at the speed of business, staff allocation, resource forecasting are all core fundamentals to successful project management. The reality is that many organizations operate with manual processes, multiple systems, and spreadsheets to handle the full spectrum of project management. Whirlpool Corporation recognized this challenge and met it head on. Whirlpool was utilizing a variety of PPM tools (PPMLink, SharePoint UI, MS Project, spreadsheets, etc.), which resulted in manual processes and a lack of a single version of the truth. They knew they needed to retire their disjointed legacy tools and develop a systematic approach to Project Portfolio Management throughout the full project life cycle, including Demand and Resource Management through one central platform – ServiceNow.

The Strategy

To retire its legacy tools, Whirlpool embarked on multi-phased approach taking into account people, process, and platform. Phase 1 consisted of implementing ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management (PPM). The objective was to retire their existing legacy tools, gather requirements, establish standards for PPM execution in the new environment, and address a plan for carryover of any projects. The objective of Phase 2 involved implementing the tools and processes needed to streamline an array of manual processes that would include the support of strategic project demands and complete financial tracking of forecast demand costs. Overall, this automation would free up two Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs); allowing these resources to focus on strategic improvements rather than operational activities.

The Results

By streamlining their project life cycle, Whirlpool has a consistent vehicle to collect and evaluate its demand. This has given them the ability to rank demands relative to one another and thereby extract maximum value from the capital and resources available within IT. Whirlpool can also understand which resources are needed to support the portfolio of demands and projects. As a result, Whirlpool has been able to:

  • Retire former PPM platform
  • Vet demand for global portfolios thru automated workflows
  • Capture resource requests for portfolios in ServiceNow
  • View original demand, resources, and finances on the same page
  • Gain valuable insights into budgeted, current and projected figures
  • Color-code metrics for budgeted vs. forecasted finances
  • Retire MS Excel workbooks